Welcome Home Owners!  Please see the important information and resources below.

Architectural Approvals

Prior to starting a project, it is important to review the Providence Manor Home Owners Association covenants for the complete list of improvements that require an application. Then, if required, submit an an application for approval. Go to our Architectural Approvals page for details, to download the application, and instructions for submitting your application for approval.

Annual Assessments/Dues

Providence Manor Home Owners Association dues for 2024 are $180. Annual dues should be paid by January 1st, with a 30-day grace period; a late fee of $50.00 will be charged on the 1st day of February, March and April on any delinquent account. A handling fee of $12.00 will be charged on the 8th day of February, March and April on any delinquent account. Annual dues can be paid in TownSq. Learn more about payment options on the TownSq information page.

Get Involved

Connect on Social Media

Connect with your neighbors! We are active in our Facebook Group and TownSq. These are where we will post about upcoming HOA events. There is a group still on NextDoor, however, the HOA is not as active there due to format changes in recent years.

HOA Board Meetings & Minutes

The Providence Manor HOA holds an annual meeting in January of each year. Additionally, the board will meet throughout the year. Notice of the regular meetings will be posted in TownSq. Meeting minutes may be reviewed by home owners by sending a request in TownSq.

Governing Documents

Please review the Governing Documents page to review the HOA governing documents. These documents ensure our community continues to thrive with beauty, fairness and safety to all its residents. By purchasing a residence in Providence Manor you are bound by these documents.

HOA Questions, Complaints, or Concerns?

Please submit your questions and concerns in TownSq by selecting Contact an Admin, then open a new request. Review the TownSq page for how to sign up and submit questions, complaints, or concerns. You may also reach out to Associa, our management company via the Contact Us page.

Home Sale Information

Selling your home? Please review this information from Associa regarding What to Expect When You Are Selling Your Home including helpful information about how to expedite the transition of the home to the new owners, requesting documents, and more.

Storm Water Drainage Sewer Pipe Relining Project

Management of the HOA’s storm water draining sewer pipes is the largest capital asset for the HOA requiring us to have a reserve for maintenance. Learn about the Storm Water Drainage Sewer Pipe Relining Project and the current status of the project.

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