About the project

Initial development of Providence Manor began in 1986. The agreement with Butler County was that the HOA would manage the storm water drainage sewer pipes located outside the street right of ways, or about 5 feet past the curb. All HOA agreements with the County both then and now are stated and executed in this manner. This is the largest capital asset for the HOA requiring us to have a reserve for maintenance. The Board has undertaken the continuing project to update our information on the condition of this piping system. We have partnered with West Chester Township, at no tax dollars to the HOA, to determine the most critical pipe repairs needed in our target areas. Due to a heavy workload for the Township we will contract a small part of the inspection work so we can be sure to reline as many critical pipes as possible this year. This project will include determination of which sections of pipe will need to be repaired, vendor selection for repairs, and eventually completion of the repair work.


Our subdivision streets are up to 38 years old depending on your street. The pipes on HOA property running from streets connecting with Wethersfield from the Basin on Park Ridge to Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek from Hamilton-Mason to past Overland Park are primarily corrugated metal pipes with a 20-30-year lifespan. If the foundation is firm, tree roots haven’t encroached, etc. they could function well closer to 40 years. The Township and County have already replaced some pipes along Wethersfield and other areas. The HOA is responsible for close to 4000LF of pipe from 12 inch to 36 inch diameter in these areas.

Coordination & Financial Responsibility

Both financial and coordination of contractors is handled by the Providence Manor HOA Board. Expenses for the project will come from the HOA’s Capital Reserves fund.


For this project, we have split the neighborhood into sections to handle this project in phases.

Includes West Hartford Court, upper Wethersfield Drive (from near West Hartford Court to Walnut Creek Drive), upper Walnut Creek Drive (from Hamilton Mason Road to just past Overland Park Ct), and Overland Park Court.


Based on the Township assessment the critical pipes have been determined. These and most of the remaining pipes in the RED area are on our list to be completed, broken into critical and non-critical pipes. This assessment work was completed by West Chester Township and we are grateful for their help.

Includes the basin on Park Ridge Ct and Wethersfield Dr, Park Ridge Ct, Wethersfield Dr, Westsand Ct, Desert Springs Ct,


A contract has been awarded to assess several pipes in this area.  We expect there will be more critical pipes (or a similar amount of corrosion as some pipes in Phase 1).  When the results are known we will finalize the list for relining of pipes in the phase 1 and phase 2 areas.  Butler County issued their average rates for relining various pipes diameters over the past 3 years and based on the calculation we believe we can impact more pipes this year than we originally thought.  Thus we are pursuing the Blue area.

Includes middle Walnut Creek Drive (from Wheatland Meadow Court to near Barkwood Drive), Wheatland Meadow Court, Ridge Meadow Court, and Barkwood Drive (Only PMHOA homes on Barkwood Drive).


Some of the pipes in this area were recently repaired and much of the pipe is poly pipe (like PVC). Our focus is on Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP).

Includes lower Walnut Creek Drive (from Barkwood Drive to near Senour Drive), Kingsfjord Court, Traverse Court, Senour Drive (Only PMHOA homes on Senour Drive), and Walnut Creek Court.


These pipes are poly pipe (like PVC) and are the newest in the neighborhood. At this time there are no issues and no need for repair.


  1. Finalize bid package.
  2. Receive bids.
  3. Determine final list of pipes for relining.
  4. Finalize cost.
  5. Award contract.
  6. Execute communication plan.
  7. Complete project.
  8. Document project for future reference.


Bid and award contract in Spring 2024. Completion expected this year (2024) based on weather conditions and contractor availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is that if there are no pipe failures requiring trenching (we are not anticipating any) the ground between catch basins should not be disturbed. The only exception is that in some pipes there are laterals from sump pumps entering the pipe. That may require some digging to reline the pipe and reconnect the sump. Additionally, some kind of vehicle will probably need access to any backyard catch basin through the easement on adjoining properties. We will have to work with affected homeowners who have planted trees or put fences up in the easements to minimize any additional costs. Restoration of grassy areas where the equipment is working or traveling is expected. The majority of the work will occur at the street catch basin. The contractor will have had lots of experience working in neighborhoods.

There may be some temporary relocation required to allow vehicle access. Specifics will be worked on an individual basis as construction planning begins.

For the most part, no. We would like to know any specific needs you want us to be aware of (like a dog outside). There are two potential reasons for access:

  • Contractor access for bidding the project and also when they will do construction planning. In this case we will set up a day or days for the contractor to walk the pipelines to determine the best way to bid and then to execute the project. You will be informed via TownSq of the days to expect someone to access the yard. In most situations they will only be there a short period of time to verify site conditions.
  • Contractor access for relining pipes. We expect to communicate specific dates to expect the work to be done well prior to the actual dates. When they are on the street doing the work we can’t stop progress or it will delay the project and potentially impact cost. Up to date communications to the HOA will be given on TownSq. Affected homeowners will have a specific group on TownSq to communicate specific information. Please sign up for TownSq!!

A link will be provided in the future showing the method for our project. You can also search for to get an idea of the process in general.

Please refer to the following document: Clarification of Private Drainage Easement and Maintenance

Questions can be asked in TownSq by creating a request. See our TownSq page for information about how to login, and look for the section at the bottom of the page titled: “Ask Questions, Share Concerns or Suggestions, Submit Architectural Applications, and more” to learn how to submit your question.

Communication & Updates

A postcard will be sent to homeowners whose property will be affected by the current project. Future updates will be posted in TownSq. A group has been created in TownSq which includes all affected homeowners. We will post timely updates to that group and post general updates to the entire community periodically. Homeowners wishing to stay informed should sign up for TownSq. Learn more about Townsq and how to sign up.

post card front & back
Post Card sent to affected home owners.