TownSqWhat is TownSq?

The Association will utilize the TownSq app as a platform for owners to obtain copies of the Association’s documents and forms, to view information such as the account balance and payment history, and to make online payments. The HOA Board will also use this for communication to owners and architectural approvals.

Note: TownSq is not our management company, but rather a third-party communication/payment platform utilized by our HOA in coordination with our management company Associa.

Get Started with TownSq

New to Townsq? You will first need to register at from a web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox are recommended). Note: TownSq is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser.

To register your account, you will need your account number and zip code 45069. During registration, you will then provide an email address and create a password for your account.

If you are unsure of your account number, contact Associa, our HOA Management company at 888-612-2299 to receive your account number.

Access TownSq

Once registered, TownSq can be accessed via a web browser at or you may download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Make a Payment

Payments for Annual Assessments/Dues or for other fees can be paid by Home Owners either online via credit card or e-check, or by mailing a physical check.

Note: There is a convenience fee when paying online. Credit Card payments incur a convenience fee and credit card processing fee. Payment by bank account via e-Checks incur a convenience fee only.

Note: In TownSq it may say there is a $0 balance if attempting to pay dues in December since the assessment is for the following year. Despite the $0 balance displaying, you can pay your dues in advance, and the fee will post to your account.

For Payment questions, email

From the web:

  1. Login to TownSq at Haven’t logged in before? scroll up on this page to learn how to Get Started with TownSq.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner then click on Accounts.
  3. Click “Make a Payment” to choose from a menu of options including Make a One-time Payment, Manage Auto pay, and Manage Payment Methods.

From the TownSq App:

  1. From the top of your mobile feed, choose the account you’d like to make a payment on.
  2. Click Make a payment to choose from a menu of options including pay your open balance, set up a recurring payment or make a one-time custom payment.

If you would like to authorize your financial institution to debit your bank account automatically, you may submit the electronic funds transfer authorization form to Associa via email. Your completed form and a voided check must be emailed to

Don’t want to pay online? That’s okay. You may send a check directly to Associa at the following address:

Providence Manor HOA
Real Property Management
PO Box 88396
Carol Stream, IL 60188-0396

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you include your account number in the memo on your check.

If you plan to pay by check, please plan ahead. Checks mailed too close to the due date may not be processed until after the due date so you may still incur late fees.

Note: If payment is sent to the Mason, Ohio office, you will incur a $5 processing fee, so please mail to the address above instead. 

Ask Questions, Share Concerns or Suggestions, Submit Architectural Applications, Submit Complaints, and more

Use TownSq to Open a Request with either the HOA Board or Associa, our management company.

  1. In TownSq, select Contact an Admin.
  2. Open a request by either:
    • If using TownSq on a browser, click Open Request.
      TownSq Open Request
    • If using the TownSq app, tap the + in the top right corner to open a request.
      Open Request from TownSq app
  3. Give your request a title, select the category (Architectural Application, General, or Property Concern or Complaint), add a description, and upload attachments.  Learn more about the Architectural Approval process.
  4. Click Open Request.

Get Support for TownSq

If you are having issues with your TownSq account or making a payment online, please contact TownSq technical support: